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Here's A Weight Loss Predictor Tool That Gives You A Personal Answer To The Question…
"Can I Actually Lose Weight - And Keep it Off?"

You get a Free Summary Report to use straight away!

Here’s how you can avoid all the frustration of yet another failed diet or weight loss program, and finally reach and maintain your ideal weight.fed up with diet plans

          Have you given up hope of ever losing weight? Perhaps you think you have tried everything and just can’t understand why you can’t maintain your ideal weight?

Well, let me give you an insight into those questions.

          When you have a specific weight loss plan that is customised and tailored to your needs then losing weight becomes very systematic and predictable. I didn’t say easy but it should stop being punishingly difficult and the success frustratingly short-lived.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen that way.


          Because most people simply don’t realise that popular weight loss plans are designed for the average person, and are therefore never customised for their own specific needs.

          As such, they waste valuable time, effort and money. On top of this, they often end up in a worse position than when they began the diet (as they lose some weight and then gain more back).

          The problem lies with the fact that most people embark on weight loss programs without looking to see how their environment, home situation, their own beliefs, friends or even work and money would affect their chances of successful permanent weight loss. The unsaid motto is: “Here is to hoping”.

Let us make an important distinction.

YOU are a unique individual – and general diets were not made for YOU! If a plan does not take YOU into account, it is going to fail.

There are THREE simple steps:

  • Discover Yourself first – know your strengths and weaknesses (we all have them)
  • Know your environment and circumstances – including family and money
  • Then - personalise your weight loss management plan

The Weight Loss Success Predictor tool will get you on the right track.

Here’s why.

It is now known that most people have a far better chance of losing weight if they take a number of factors into account first.

          By combining these factors, you will know with far greater certainty if your time and effort will be worthwhile, rather than simply wasting more time on yet another diet.

In effect you will know…

How To Achieve Weight Loss Success By Working From A Position Of Strength And Addressing Your Weaknesses BEFORE You Embark On A Doomed Journey of Trial and Error

love handles - tire - gut - fat loss - belly lossHow The “Weight Loss Success Predictor” Tool Works

This tool is based on research performed across the world over many decades, looking into what makes an individual win and others fail to achieve their goals.

What we have done, is collect all research information, develop the mathematical predictive formulae, and customise the science as it applies to weight loss and healthy living.

Your success at weight loss and weight maintenance depends on many varied factors, some environmental and others you were born with, inherited from your parents.

The Predictive Value

The value of this tool depends on YOU. I ask you to complete this tool as honestly as you possibly can, knowing with certainty that the information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

The more honest you are with yourself, the more reliable is the report going to be, and therefore of great value to you.

With a precise set of specifically chosen questions (scientifically proven to deliver very accurate answers) you will know your own strengths and be able to personalise a weight loss program around them.weight loss brain

          Besides this, the tool is unique in that it evaluates whether or not you are ready to lose weight (based on your answers).

          This is a huge benefit, as it means that every aspect of the weight loss program can be centred on your positive traits and your greatest innate characteristics (strengths).

          As I mentioned earlier, once you get everything aligned in your favour, losing stubborn weight becomes a predictable process. That means no more trial and error. No more wishing or hoping for success.

          Equally important is that you will know potential weaknesses that are likely to sabotage your weight loss efforts in advance. This is something that most people totally overlook, and try to hide from.

Overlooking this factor is a fast way to failure.

Imagine what you could do with a…

Customised and Personalised Weight Loss
Report Designed Specifically For You

How To Use The “Weight Loss Success Predictor” Tool

The Weight Loss Success Predictor tool is very simple to use. I guarantee anyone can use it.

It’s a simple 3-step process:

  1. You just need to log into the registration process (FREE).
    ***Please provide a valid email as all results will be communicated by this method.
  2. You then need to complete the questions that the tool lays out for you (FREE).
  3. Once complete, you will have a choice for a FREE Summary of the report. Or for a small fee you get a detailed report instantly for download or email.
  4. (We charge this small fee to weed out those individuals who are not really committed to tackling their weight problems).

These are the three simple steps to discovering what has been holding you back from successfully shedding excess weight.

          Now armed with completely personalised answers you will get, no doubt you will set forth with supreme confidence to resetting your weight set point – permanently.

The time to act is now, while participation is free.

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How To Complete The Weight Loss Success Predictor Tool

The procedure for completing the Weight loss success predictor tool is as follows

  • Please complete the initial section that requires you to provide your name and VALID email address

  • You will be sent a confirmation email containing a link, click this click to confirm your membership.

  • Another email will be sent you with your login ID and link to the tool. The ID is yours and must not be shared.

  • Open the email and click on the link within (or copy the link and paste it in your browser).

  • You will be taken to the first page of the Weight Loss Success Predictor Tool. Type in your username and password to proceed.

    REMEMBER: Please Don't Linger Too Long on Questions - there is no right or wrong answer!

  • Once you complete the tool you will receive two links, one for the Summary Report and the other for the Full Report (We charge this small fee for the full report to weed out those individuals who are not really committed to tackling their weight problems).


Please fill in all the fields

Again thank you for completing the Success Predictor Tool. I sincerely believe you will benefit immensely from the insight the report will provide.

Yours sincerely

Joe Kabukoba, MD MRCOG
President – Boundless Health

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