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BBC Radio 5 Live: Would You Take a Pill to Lose Weight?

Writing by Joe on Wednesday, 22 of April , 2009 at 12:07 pm

This morning (21 April 2009) I took part in a BBC Radio 5 Live Discussion about the launch of the over-the-counter weight loss pill. You will be aware that two weight loss pills will be available over the counter in the UK for the first time.

Alli manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline works by preventing fat absorption whilst Appesat (by Goldshield) works by inducing a sense of fullness, so eating less.

The launch of the over the counter medicine is misguided in my view for several reasons.

  • People buying over the counter pills will have no professional support.
  • No effort or structure is in place to screen who is likely to succeed or fail from the pills.
  • Individual personal factors fundamental to weight loss will not have been addressed as required for a successful long-term weight loss and maintenance.
  • There is no plan for weight maintenance.
  • There is no plan for patients who fail… do they go back to the GP or dietician or go the next pill?

There is extensive published evidence that shows, in a nutshell, that successful weight loss is based on the following pillars

  • Readiness to lose weight
  • Support
  • Having a NEGATIVE energy balance, that means eating fewer calories than you burn!

And of course one has to plan for weight maintenance (it is said losing weight is not as big a challenge as keeping it off!)

In my approach to weight management, like other professionals, I feel there should be primary measures including individualised personal assessment that covers all personal, psychological, environmental, family factors and many others.

Then nutrition and activity are explored. For an individual ready to lose weight, strategies for weight loss (including weight loss pills if necessary) are put in place. Pills do not come before assessment and support.

We, at the Boundless Health have developed an assessment tool for weight loss. An individual seeking to lose weight completes a patent-pending tool Weight Loss Success Predictor Tool that provides a comprehensive assessment of the person’s chances of successful permanent weight loss. Not only does the tool identify the client’s weak points, but also strong points on which further progress can be based.

Importantly, the tool also provides a personalized road map that is based on the responses provided by person in question. The detailed report can be downloaded, studied and shared between the client and his or her support team.

The Weight Loss Success Predictor Tool is based published evidence and incorporates all important aspects of an individual’s weight loss.

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Writing by Joe on Wednesday, 22 of April , 2009 at 6:22 am

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